What We'll Cover

  • Analytics Reporting - People and Projects

    Get started with an overview of project reporting options, and gain additional insight people and projects.

  • Analytics Reporting - Finances

    Learn about financial reporting, including margin reporting, expense reporting, invoice reporting, and accounts receivable.

  • Introduction to Mavenlink Insights

    Identify opportunities for more advanced data and reporting needs with an introduction to Insights Business Intelligence Solution.

Course Description

Expected Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

With trustworthy data, you can make informed decisions and identify opportunities for continuous improvement. This course will cover how you can leverage Analytics data to monitor how projects are performing, understand how utilized your teams are, and identify opportunities to optimize your work from multiple perspectives. We will also provide a preview of the Insights Business Intelligence Solution for more advanced data and reporting needs.

In addition to the readings, resources, and demo videos, this course also includes hands-on labs and activities. Please note that it is recommended that you either complete the labs from a demo account or make sure to delete any information that may be on your organizational account. 

Course curriculum

Course Pricing

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