What We'll Cover

  • Introduction to Reporting

    Get started with navigation of the reporting UI, key terms and concepts, and how to run and edit out of the box reports.

  • Customize Your Reports

    Learn basic to intermediate formatting and customization techniques through readings, demos, and hands-on exercises. Identify opportunities to personalize your reporting content and optimize your work.

  • Visualize Your Data

    Create visual representations of your reports data with an introduction to the Dashboard capabilities.

Course Description

Expected Duration: Approximately 4 hours

This Kantata SX Reporting Foundations course is aimed at users who are new to Kantata SX Reporting, and are responsible for writing or editing reports.  

The modules in this series are designed to introduce Kantata’s reporting capabilities that you utilize to answer your business’s questions.  The course will cover the reporting options that are available out of the box, as well as basic to intermediate customization techniques to extend your own custom reports. 

With a better understanding of the Kantata Data Model and using the range of reporting features, you can gain valuable insights from Kantata in an efficient and productive way.

In addition to the readings, resources, and demo videos, this course also includes hands-on labs and activities. Please note that it is recommended that you complete all lab activities from a sandbox environment to ensure you do not impact any information that may be on your organizational Kantata account.

After completing this course you'll be able to:

  • Understand what the Reporting & Dashboard features are
  • Understand what ‘Out of the Box’ reporting content is available
  • Use and build Reports and Dashboards using basic to intermediate techniques
  • Understand the core Kantata Data Model and how data links together
  • Extend the reporting solution to include your own custom content

Course Curriculum