What We'll Cover

  • Performance Analysis Reporting

    Get started with an introduction to Performance Analysis, and how to build reports for revenue, forecasting, and usage.

  • Utilization Reporting

    Learn the basics of utilization, and how settings can be configured to adjusted to calculate specific metrics.

  • Methods for Tracking History

    Learn about how to set up historic reporting and how you can build an audit trail of changes using Field History and Resource History.

  • Managing Your Business Metrics

    Learn about how to leverage Targets and Groups to manage your business metrics.

Course Description

Expected Duration: Approximately 4 hours

This Kantata SX Advanced Reporting course is designed for advanced users, for example, system administrators or super users. It is recommended that participants have previously completed the Reporting Foundations course. 

This course will provide a detailed look at Performance Analysis, and how facts and dimensions are leveraged in Kantata reporting. We will also explore how to configure settings for calculating utilization, and how to interpret utilization reporting. In addition, we will review how to create Snapshots to report on historical data trends and how to leverage Field History and Resource History to create audit trails. Finally, we will take a look at the relationships and interdependencies between Objects in reporting, and how you can manage your business metrics with Targets.

In addition to the readings, resources, and demo videos, this course also includes hands-on labs and activities. Please note that it is recommended that you complete all lab activities from a sandbox environment to ensure you do not impact any information that may be on your organizational Kantata account.

After completing this course you'll be able to:

  • Recognize how Kantata Objects are leveraged in reporting
  • Identify the relationships and interdependencies between Objects
  • Build Performance Analysis reports for revenue, forecasting, and usage
  • Understand configuration settings for calculating utilization and interpret utilization reporting
  • Create an audit trail and leverage historical data trends
  • Leverage custom metrics in report building

Course curriculum