What We'll Cover

  • Organizational Skill Mapping

    Get started with an overview of the benefits of skill mapping, and learn about best practices for aligning resource skills and development with organizational goals and practices.

  • Managing Skills

    Learn how to create and manage skills, including how to build a skill library, and how to attribute skills to unnamed resources and account members.

  • Leveraging Skills in Resource Management

    Explore ways to leverage skills in your resource management process, and learn how skills can be used for resource recommendations.

Course Description

Expected Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

Your organization’s resources are your most valuable tools in achieving project objectives. Understanding both the skills needed for your organization’s projects and the diverse skill sets of your employees can help ensure that you have the right people on the right projects. This course will cover everything from how skill tracking impacts your organization to how to manage skills in Kantata, and we’ll also explore how you can leverage skills to staff projects that require specific technical proficiencies or professional certifications.

In addition to the readings, resources, and demo videos, this course also includes hands-on labs and activities. Please note that it is recommended that you either complete the labs from a demo account or make sure to remove any data or information from the labs that may impact your organizational account.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Develop a strategy for organizational skill mapping

  • Create and manage skills on your organization’s account

  • Assign skills to account members and unnamed resources

  • Leverage skills in resource management and staffing teams

Course curriculum

Course Pricing

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