Benefits of the Mavenlink Collaborator Training:

  • Team Collaboration

    Learn best practices for communication in Mavenlink, collaborate with team members in projects, upload and share files, and track task status and checklists.

  • Manage Tasks and Projects

    Customize and configure different views to manage activities and projects in Mavenlink.

  • Track Time

    Collaborators will be presented with different ways to track time towards activities in Mavenlink.

Course curriculum

Mavenlink Collaborator Training

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While the information covered in this course will be most applicable to the Premier license level, it can be viewed by Teams, Professional or Premier licensed members of Mavenlink. At the time this course was completed, all information contained within was as accurate as possible. However, software such as Mavenlink continuously evolves through to improve the experience for all users resulting in inevitable content changes. As a result, Mavenlink provides additional dynamic assistance via our help and support channels. If you find an issue or run into a problem with this material, please email