What We'll Cover

  • Aligning Your Resource Management Process & Settings

    Get started with a review of resource management best practices, and learn about the settings and configuration options for leveraging resource requests and recommendations.

  • Leveraging Resource Requests and Creating Staffing Demand

    Learn how to create and manage staffing demand in Kantata, how to submit and submit, approve, or reject resource requests.

  • Leveraging Recommendations and Assigning Resources

    Identify functionality to align resources with demand, whether you're staffing a single resource, an entire project, or multiple projects.

Course Description

Expected Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

Whether your project is a large-scale software implementation for a client or a smaller internal project, you’ll need people resources to get the work done. But what skills do your resources need, and how much time will you need them for? And who is available? This course will cover how to leverage Kantata to optimize your resource management processes and outline a staffing plan for you and your team to ensure you have the most up to date information for what resources are needed now and in the future.

In addition to the readings, resources, and demo videos, this course also includes hands-on labs and activities. Please note that it is recommended that you either complete the labs from a demo account or make sure to remove any data or information from the labs that may impact your organizational account.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Leverage Kantata to optimize your resource management processes
  • Enable resource recommendations and requests and configure permissions for access to resource management functions
  • Outline a staffing schedule or timeline for your organization for reviewing allocations and making resource requests
  • Create staffing demand for resources with a specific skillset
  • Submit, Approve, or Reject a Resource Request
  • Configure custom fields for resource requests

Course curriculum

Course Pricing

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