Top Feature Update Highlights and Resources from 2022

Check out the feature updates below to ensure you're up to date on the latest and greatest ways to leverage Kantata OX.

For a full list of the feature updates from 2022, make sure to review the  2022 Release Notes on the Knowledge Base.

#1: Scheduling in the Resource Center

Scheduled hours can now be managed from the Resource Center! This gives you improved visibility into conflicts and the ability to make updates without navigating away. Take this opportunity to improve your organization's resource management processes and reduce the number of touchpoints by managing scheduled hours in the Resource Center.

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#2: Talent Network

The Talent Network feature makes it easy for external partners and freelancers to join your Kantata account and expand your resource pool, increase visibility into your entire talent network, and confidently deliver projects with external members. The Talent Network consists of three main parts: External Partners, Clients, and External Members. 

When you invite an External Partner to join your network, you gain access to their pool of resources that your teams can integrate into resource planning and/or project delivery workstreams. Once added, an external resource becomes an External Member on your account. Alternatively, your clients can invite you to join their network as an External Partner which allows you to provide them with your resources for projects. 

If you have licenses available, you can give External Members the option to log in to your Kantata  account—such as if you want them to update their availability and log time or any tasks they’re assigned to. If you do not have licenses available, refrain from having them log in and simply use their profiles for planning purposes in the Resource Center.

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#3: New Project Permissions

Each user that joins a project is assigned individual Project-level permissions that determine what they are able to do and access within a project. Kantata’s new Project Permissions updates provide a more intuitive interface and better project access control for account administrators on a project-by-project basis. For more granular control over how team members interact with a project, the Additional Access column now allows you to assign extra permissions to your team members for actions such as inviting team members to projects, posting to the Activity Feed, scheduling hours for themselves and their teams, and tracking time and expenses.

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#4: New Task Tracker

The new Task Tracker is an interactive, visual representation of all the tasks, deliverables, and milestones required to complete a project. It serves as a high-level project overview where you can see who is assigned work and the current status of each task. This helps you keep your team members on track and your tasks on schedule. The New Task Tracker helps keep things organized with customizable views, filters, and columns; giving your team members the ability to work collaboratively how it suits them best.

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#5: Recent History and Project History

With Recent History and Project History, Account Administrators can review the last seven (7) days of activity in Kantata OX. Both of these features provide detailed information about what changed, when it changed, and who changed it. You can see changes to project settings, task updates, updated or deleted scheduled hours, and much more. You can use Recent History to monitor activity both within your account and across multiple projects. This ensures that your users are following the proper processes. Within a single project, Project History is available to monitor activity specific to that project only.

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