Track Description

The Project Management Track is a series of training courses designed to get you comfortable with leveraging the functions and features of Kantata to manage projects of all sizes. These courses cover everything from creating a new project workspace or an estimate for a new project, to monitoring the project and your team’s performance and creating reports for leadership. Each course is designed to help you make the best business decisions possible for your organization, team, and clients.

In addition to the readings, resources, and demo videos, these courses include hands-on labs and activities. Please note that it is recommended that you either complete the labs from a demo account or make sure to delete any information that may be on your organization’s account.

Learning Goals

In this track, you will learn how to:

  • Create projects in alignment with your organizational processes and configure project settings and permissions so everyone has the right level of access and visibility
  • Build templates with repeatable work breakdown structures to streamline project setup and ensure process and data consistency across your organization
  • Identify project staffing needs and how to leverage resource planning features to request and update project staffing.
  • Manage project performance and leverage performance indicators to proactively identify when a project is at risk
  • Leverage reporting and analytics to identify opportunities to increase efficiency in your projects, resources, and financial performance


The Project Management Track is for any account members responsible for creating and managing projects, tasks, and resources, and achieving client satisfaction by meeting goals for project budgets, timelines, and overall project delivery. These courses are helpful for project managers, account managers, consultants, project leads, implementation managers, and delivery leadership.


Each course is approximately 45 minutes long. The full track takes an estimated 5-7 hours to complete.


Before beginning the project management track, you’ll need to complete the Fundamentals course. If you are new to project management, or seeking additional learning and development opportunities to document your expertise, we encourage you to take the Project Management Best Practices course.

Recommended Order

Each course in the track is designed as a standalone experience, however we do recommend you complete the courses in the following order:

  1. Creating New Projects, Managing Project Settings, and Configuring Project Permissions
  2. Building Project Templates and Refining Your Work Breakdown Structure
  3. Leveraging Hour Types - Allocated, Scheduled, and Estimated Hours
  4. Identifying Project Needs & Setting Resource Demand
  5. Resource Center Overview
  6. Project Workspace Management & Performance Monitoring
  7. Reporting Basics
  8. Time & Expense Tracking and Approvals
  9. Project Financials - Accounting, Invoicing, and Receiving Payments

Project Management Track

Enroll now for 12 months of access to all courses in the Project Management Track. Please contact your Client Success Manager to purchase multiple passes for your organization.